Last month I attended a gathering hosted by JSGD for women entrepreneurs to discuss how we can come together, stronger than ever, to help encourage and foster women in our own community. Among the speakers, we heard from The Second Step, an organization who partners with survivors of domestic violence to address the aftermath of abuse and build brighter futures for themselves and their children, right in our own community.

We reached out immediately to see what we could do.  With the holidays approaching, we know families need support more than ever.   Yesterday we found out about a really special family with a really important item on their list this year. She is a single mom who, together with her young daughter, fled their abuser, their country, and her career to seek safety.  She is struggling finding a job that pays enough to support her and her daughter, despite her professional degree. Her biggest wish for Christmas is a washer and dryer for her apartment, because the laundromat is so expensive and time-consuming – especially for a single mom on a limited income.

As an incredibly fortunate new mom, with a supportive partner, in home washer/dryer, and steady income, sometimes I feel overwhelmed.  Our hearts break to imagine what she is going through. We want to do everything we can to maybe take a small burden off her shoulders and make one thing just a little bit easier.

While we’d love nothing more than to go out and buy her a washer/dryer tomorrow, we can’t afford to donate it on our own.  Thus, this print sale was hatched.  Every single cent spent on prints will go directly toward funding these appliances for this family.  If our goal of $1K is exceeded, the remaining funds will be donated to The Second Step to assist in filling other families wishes this season.

Please follow and share this link to view and purchase prints! 

$25, $50, $85 prints available.

With your print order, you will be making a donation for a direct immediate effect.  Let’s come together and support and love our neighbors this holiday season.

[ here’s a few examples of travel prints available ]

henrymac_001 henrymac_002 henrymac_003 henrymac_004 henrymac_005 henrymac_006 henrymac_007 henrymac_010henrymac001 henrymac_011 henrymac_012 henrymac_013

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