Madison + Justin | The Portland Company

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This journey for us has always been about the people. This silly black box is like a passport, a permission slip, or a vip invitation for pizza at Coppa with two of the most amazing people you’ve ever met.

Enter Madison + Justin.

Although it’s only been a short time since that first meeting, we feel like we’ve known them forever.  We’ve seen them both work so hard independently and together, Madison working 37 jobs while volunteering, while going to school, while planning a wedding – Justin planning, then opening, then totally crushing at his new shop Pioneer Goods Co. in the South End.  [I think there have been very few hours of sleep between the two of them.]  But the coolest thing we’ve witnessed is how they have grown together.  It seems like a relationship that couldn’t have gotten any stronger somehow has.  They constantly remind us of what it really means to support and love your partner.

Their wedding was one of the highlights of our year.  It was the culmination and celebration of all of their hard work.  We felt so honored to part of a very intimate group of friends and family so emotionally invested in this couple and this union. When the ceremony ended everyone was in this euphoric state of bliss, smiling and laughing and crying at the same time.

And this is what it’s all about for us.  It’s these people.  New, incredible friends we hope to know for a long time.


We recently found out that just a month after their wedding, Madison + Justin’s sister was diagnosed with some really scary stuff.  We are heartbroken for them and can’t imagine what they are going though.  We feel really lucky to know this family, they are the best of the best.  And if you don’t already know them – we are sure you would feel exactly the same.

Taylor is undergoing major heart surgery tomorrow.  Please consider supporting her with any small donation or thought or prayer you might have to spare.  It will go a long way to ease her immediate struggles and encourage her to a full and healthy recovery.

>>><> venue : THE PORTLAND COMPANY |  dress : BHLDN | planning : MARY-THERESA TRINGALE | flowers : WATERSHED FLORAL |  hair + makeup : NICOLE MASTERSON<><<<

Colleen + Andrew | The Blue Room Wedding

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Like many of us lucky ones, Colleen + Andrew met working together in the restaurant business.  So they couldn’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate than a gorgeous multicourse dinner party at one of their favorite spots in town. They were wed among an intimate group of their favorite people.  Each detail was perfectly curated to reflect the story of their relationship.  It’s always such a pleasure to work among such a talented group.

Mondays are our new official favorite day for a wedding!

>>><> venue : THE BLUE ROOM |  dress : BHLDN | event design & planning : LAUREN WELLS EVENTS | flowers : WILDFOLK STUDIO | cake : EASTERN STANDARD | mirror and chalkboard calligraphy, table numbers : LOVE JENNA CALLIGRAPHY | escort card, welcome sign, food/beverage calligraphy : ANNE ROBIN CALLIGRAPHY |  hair + makeup : BRE WELCH of LEATHER AND LACE ARTISTRY<><<<