Erin + Mike | Do You | Falmouth, MA

erin_mike001 erin_mike002 erin_mike003 erin_mike004 erin_mike005 erin_mike006 erin_mike007 erin_mike008 erin_mike009 erin_mike010 erin_mike011 erin_mike012 erin_mike013 erin_mike014 erin_mike015 The whole point of these sessions in our opinion is to give our couples a bit of space, an hour or so to connect and remember why they’re doing this whole thing to being with.  We want to poke a little hole in the normal craziness of every day life to really appreciate each other, flirt a little, play a little and be awkward together.  Awkward is so good.  It’s the way we all felt when we met and went on that first date.  And look where that got us.  So to hear that Erin + Mike got it was really pretty great.

“In the moments of our night together, I felt like we were back to the beginning stages of dating.  The whispers, awkward moments right before the kiss and it felt amazing all over again.  You tee’d up quite a perfect date night for us. “

And if that’s awkward – then it looks pretty good on you guys :)