We started Henry + Mac so we could meet new people and have great adventures. We wanted to live passionately, work hard, and create something bigger than us. So we bit the bullet, left our jobs, and started our business.

We had no idea how much that single decision would affect everything that would come after. Five years later our lives have completely changed. We got married, made a human, and probably photographed your friend or coworker or obscure friend on instagram’s wedding along the way. The couples, families, stories, and adventures that we’ve been fortunate enough to document will stay with us forever.

They’ve become a part of who we are.


We believe a wedding is an incredible and extremely rare opportunity to have everyone you love in the same room at the same time. Our job is to be there to document your day as it happens.  To tell your story and create the space that allows you to be yourselves. No big production.  No intrusions.

We want our work to have a soul and to live for a long, long time with you and your families. Our favorite photographs are the belly laughs, and the giant hugs, and the subtle gestures that you’ll never find on any shot list.  Our work captures the emotion of your day so that in twenty years you can look at your wedding album and feel like you’re back there again.  It’s always been about real relationships to us.  With real people.



+ in each other

+ in love and adventure

+ in letting go

+ in getting lost

+ that the little things are the big things

+ marriage is more important than the wedding

+  family is everything

+ choosing your wedding photographer is a big deal